Pro Bac AE100 is a blend of essential Micronutrients that nourishes the essential bacteria within a wastewater or sewage treatment system. By stimulating and strengthening these microbes, the product helps to increase the rate at which organic effluent can be broken down.

Pro Bac AE100

  • Improves MLSS settling in the clarifier.
  • Increased BOD degradation by higher metabolism.
  • Increases capability for sustaining BOD shock loads.
  • Increases capability for sustaining Flow based shock loads.
  • Increases break down of complex compounds into simpler forms.
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Bacta- Cult

Bacta- Cult is a bacterial culture:-

It is available in powdered form, hence easy to store.

  • Our product is right combination of micro-organisms , containing necessary floc forming bacteria( that secretes polysacchrides) , which will help you to trouble shoot your concern.
  • Increases the ability to hold flow based shock loads
  • We have range of micro-organisms which can sustain high TDS shock without affecting the performance of micro- organisms.
  • Ability to hold toxic shock loads.
  • Able to make desired MLSS level within a short span of time.
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